Every Saturday my town has a food market. Local farmers and vendors.

You cannot beat the quality, freshness and awesomeness of buying from a local market.


My first stop is always to  see my buddy Lou at The Smokin’ Buddha.  Any time I am there, he needs to be the first person I see. I typically ask for 6 of the finest Samosas he has. Well, that is whether there are even 6 left.

4    3

So many vendors means so many choices.  Sometimes it is hard to pick one vendor over another. I find you find your favorites though and look forward to them each week.

2    5

Another stop is Spinoza’s.  They have the best baked stuff. Cinnamon buns, bread and sausage rolls.


And on the way out this week we saw some guys  unloading a skid of melons of some sort. Tossing them about  20 feet from one guy to the other lol.


Until next  week!  See you at the market.