Special thanks to Niagara Cruises for hooking me up with a fantastic evening Falls Illumination Tour.

The view was awesome!  So cool being so close.  My camera gear didn’t like getting wet though so ignore any water spots on the photos lol.

We made our way down the long empty hallways.


At one point we wondered if we would be the only two on the cruise.


Oh  wait! Signs of life!


As we left the maze of tunnels getting to the landing we saw we were not alone!  Albeit they were employees still meant we were not alone.  As we would soon find out we were not alone. Just late. We were the last to board this epic cruise.


Amazing views from below the Falls.


It was pretty hard to take long exposure shots of the Falls while on a boat going up and down with the current. Also didn’t help that there was mist and fog in the way. Where are those big fans when you need them. While I was shooting on the deck a couple asked if I would take their photo with the Falls in the background.


All in all it was a great time.  A little rough on the water for the amazing shots I had dreamed of, but next time with a different lens I am sure I will make it work.


Next stop is the Journey Behind the Falls.