In honor of Octoberfest I thought I would start a bit early and grill up some sausages from my amazing, local butcher. They make the best sausage and while in there today saw they had some Octoberfest links.  Pairing this with a sweet French loaf from Spinoza’s Bakery in Welland this made for a great meal.

It was a gorgeous Saturday and I had just refilled my propane tank so all the stars aligned for a great BBQ.

Inside the  house I was cooking bacon.  Why bacon? Why not.

I decided to make a sliced potato and bacon mix as a side for the sausage.

Turned out great. Very happy with tonight’s dinner.

Now that the main course is out of the way, time for dessert.  This was again, courtesy of Spinoza’s Bakery.  A fantastic blueberry strudel.  This was so flakey and beautiful i didn’t want to eat it. Not.

Strudel with ice cream is a combination made in heaven.

DSC09406-2 DSC09409-2 DSC09410-2

All and all a great feast for a Saturday!