This Saturday marked the 5th Anniversary for Niagara Falls’ coolest shop, Pulp Comics.

The proprietor of the establishment, Paul, or as he was known on Saturday, Han Burgundy or  Ron Solo, celebrated his 5th year being Niagara’s premiere comic, collectable, fan-merch, and nerdy geek supplier.


I don’t remember if this was taken during his first year of business, possibly second.  We took it as a tribute to a photo taken many years earlier with people in the same positions out front of this storefront.  I was glad to have been able to take this photo.  When I asked Paul if he still had a copy he had it to me within 30 seconds, no lie.


It has been great watching this comic shop develop in to what I think to be a great niche store. Not unlike the other amazing business to run out of Pulp Comics’ location 20 years ago, Poptones, Paul has been able to curate a massive selection of cool stuff that people want.  Note to Paul. I want Sloth; please put him aside for me.  My anniversary is coming up. My wife will love this. Is 12 years Pearl? or Little Rubber Freakshow?


Not only is there a  lot of neat stuff, he brings cool people in to do things, draw for you , sign your things and has fun theme days  and original events.


I have met some very cool people at his events and made many new friends that I would never have met if I hadn’t joined in the culture that has become #pulpnation .  This guy is a super awesome and scary artist. As in his art is scary, not him. Well, maybe a bit of both. Check out his stuff here.  Steve is great.  He has a new book out that I am going to read on Friday.


A few shots from Saturday’s Anniversary…

DSC09844-1      DSC09839-1

DSC09851-1      DSC09845-1

DSC09842-1      DSC09852-1

I wish Paul and Pulp Comics the best and look forward to the next 5 years and beyond…