This past Friday I went to the It’s All Welland Good event, in where else but, Welland.

It was an event to celebrate Welland’s tremendous potential and review past successes.


The show started off with the dude who came up with the quirky catchphrase…Jay Kalryzian; talking about how he came with it.


I met a few friends there.  BaxoTakeoMcCartney. He is from the future. Haven’t figured out what he has come back to do yet.

DSC09715-1    DSC09686-1

James and the dude from Street Pharmacy.  This was a star studded event I tell ya.


James wasn’t just there to just smoke and eat the free food. He was there to talk about the artistic advancements in the city of Welland.

The efforts he has put forth in the community has brought him here to say a few words.


There were a few musical numbers…a group of kids from a local high school.


Then the dude from Street Pharmacy rocked one out.


He even had some sort of Queen dancing.


All in all it was a great night. Good to see local businesses keeping it in the community and giving back.

And saw a sweet bike parked out back…