Like Sam the butcher bringing Alice the meat

Yes, sadly, lol, this is what i sing in my head every time I visit this place.

“Shake Your Rump” by  the BEASTIE BOYS

“Like Sam the butcher bringing Alice the meat…Like Fred Flintstone driving around with bald feet “


Usually I am slow getting up on Saturdays. I don’t really get moving too quick unless there is somewhere to go.  Most of the time when I get over to Niagara Sausage its about noon and there are slim pickin’s left.  Today was an exception. I was up early and when I thought of what I could do the only thing that came to mind was ‘get meat!’

So much to choose from today.


I come here because I am a big fan of meat. Fresh not frozen meat.  I am a big fan of meat that is not shrink wrapped, vacuum sealed and shipped across the country and then ends up at the grocery  store.  Sure there are times when you need to but if given the choice I’ll always pick meat from a local butcher.  I know the Italian guy is in the back chopping up the meat.  This is as close to fresh as you can get without doing the hunting yourself.

DSC09581-1      DSC09588-1

Can’t beat the prices or the sizes of the cuts; which I’ll add they will custom cut for you, too.


Keep an eye out for future blog posts with items bought here today.

Check them out. Support #localfood and the #localfoodmovement



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  1. Hungry now.

    Thanks Dave.

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