When I was asked to join some friends for lunch at Paradiso today, I could not say no.


My wife accidentally ended up there when getting lost going to a funeral with her father. Since then they go back from time to time because they love the food and atmosphere.  I have always been secretly jealous that I have never been invited. So when the opportunity arose, I jumped all over it!

Our small table for 14.


The first item to come out were little Focaccia bread soldiers with a very amazing oil to dip said bread soldier. The bread was warm and charred. Just the way I like it.


We ordered a tapas platter of appetizers but they went so fast I didn’t get one single photo.

I knew it was my mission today to eat the Moroccan Chicken Supreme.


Took a little walk around.  I love wine and I love wine bottles on display.  I also love bathrooms with boobies.

20141023_154726-1  20141023_135041-1

This amazing slab of chicken arrived and it was only a matter of time before it was in my belly.  Inside was a wonderfully curious filling.  Very tasty.  My wife has had this on occasion. She post-recommended it; as in I had ordered it before she gave me a glowing review.  The chicken was on a bed of leeks and spinach which was on a bed of balsamic doused potato slabs.


There was a little bit of room left for this sweet slice of diabetes, errr, I mean Double Chocolate Torte.  Mmmmmm.  Oh did I mention the toffy-like coated almonds that were bathing in a chocolate sauce?


Yes I would go back.

I am a little sad to say that the stack of cards I left at the front were removed even before I even left the restaurant.   Perhaps they just wanted to check the site out first and once they see this great post they’ll put them back 🙂