Wedding bells are ringing….

Had the opportunity to take some photos/video at a friend’s son’s wedding.


Was a gorgeous day, for the most part.  Rain only came after the ceremony.  Right about when it was time to take photographs.  I still managed to get some great video footage and snapped some great photos.

The setting for these nuptials  was a giant old barn in Balls Falls.


The barn was decorated with care and attention was definitely paid to small details….  I think that was due to Nancy and her team.

DSC09468-1     DSC09527-1

This neat shot was an accident; a very sweet accident.


Its always nice to take time before the reception starts and have a breather and maybe a drink…


Shall we have a talk about the amazing cupcake cake?


It was actually pretty hard to keep the bride from dipping into it well before the reception!


Good times were had by all.  The beer was just a bonus.


A few more random photos.

DSC09495-1 DSC09513-1 DSC09528-1

I wish the newly married couple all the best in their new life together!



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