I am very much at times someone who likes to try things that are trending.  I have lived in the Niagara Region for over 40 years, give or take a few of those years .  So many of my friends raved about the Wonton soup at this donut shop next to 7-11 yet I had never gone.


A few months back a car plowed through this donut shop.  It meant no donuts or Wonton soup for over 6 months.  Not a week went by where someone I know didn’t complain about it not being open. I guess they had some insurance issues and fixing the place up sort of stalled.

Once it cleared those hurdles they renovated and re-opened about  3  weeks ago.  This Wonton soup went viral.  Lineups out the door for weeks, 24 hours a day! I was intrigued. I love Wonton soup so I needed to finally try it. Problem was no matter when I went by  it was so busy the lineup was down the block.

So last night while driving by I couldn’t help but notice there was maybe 2 people in line. This was my opportunity.  I had my kids with me so that meant I needed to buy one for each of them too.

3 Wonton soups please….


Not  going to lie, its sort of sketchy in there so I didn’t want to sit there and eat. We took our soup and drove home.

Broth was flavorful.  So many slices of bbq pork and delicious homemade Wontons.  It was great!


I am so sad that I waited this long.  Could have had more green onions but next time I’ll be sure and ask for more.


All gone.  My kids devoured theirs too.  It was a hit!  Not sure if I’ll be able to drive by and not grab a bowl anymore. Dammit.


They don’t really have a social media presence or a real Facebook page but you can check out this link for where they are located….