Started the day at the Seaway Mall.  The #blxstore is in full effect. Never has Welland or Niagara seen such a unique venture. A creative local artist group given mall space in prime Holiday season to sell their art and put #localartonlocalwalls .


Every day you can come to the mall and see these talented artists do their thing.  Sometimes they do other things. Might be worth coming to check that out too.

DSC09977-1     DSC09978-1

These are amazing. Gene Simmons clocks. You can’t get this stuff anywhere else!



This piece is by Meaghan and is super wicked. I cant stop looking at it.


My boy stopped by and did  some drawing.


It was now time to get some meat. Pork. Chicken. Fresh.


They have already decorated for the holiday season. Picked up some ground pork and made meatballs for homemade Italian Wedding Soup.  Might have cooked them too long. Not positive though lol.

DSC00010-1      DSC00008-1

I will remember to bring my camera with me more. I have been forgetting it lately. Sorry.