This week it was decided that we were going to watch Happy Gilmore. I hadn’t seen it in years.  I remembered it was funny but was it going to be bore my kids? They happen to be the pickiest kids in the world.  They did not want to watch Frankenweenie because it was in black and white. They thought it looked ‘old’.  I wasn’t going to hold my breath with this.

To compliment the movie I made some pizza. I love making pizza.  My first job was a dishwasher at an Italian restaurant.  I advanced my career to pizza boy and learned mad skills.

If you want to see how I made this…….keep reading.

I start off by admitting I don’t have time to make dough. So what do I do? I go to my fantastic local bakery, Spinosa’s. They have kick ass dough.  I start off by taking it out of the bag and covering it with flour and then covering it with a tea towel for about 30 minutes. This lets the dough get to room temperature and makes it more pliable.


Then I roll it. Roll it real good. Yeah. Roll it.


I don’t grease my pan.  Instead I spread corn meal on the pan before I slap on my well rolled dough.


Since everyone in my house wants their own toppings we make a few pizzas. One for each adult and the kids get to split one.


I use sauce that I made on a previous lazy Sunday afternoon.  Spreading it around evenly but leaving a nice crust around the outer edge.

DSC00060-1      DSC00062-1

Once the sauce has been spread I like to lay down a sweet layer of Parmesan cheese.

DSC00074-1      DSC00077-1

Normally I get a kid to do this but on this night I was on my own.  Cheese grating. Someone has to do it.


I love cheese. The more the merrier.  Lay down a nice coat of freshly grated cheese.

DSC00094-1     DSC00090-1

With your cheese laid down you can now start adding the toppings.


This evening’s pizzas consisted of the following:

1.  Pepperoni, grilled chicken, and peppers doused with Sriracha sauce

2.  Grilled chicken, peppers, and tomatoes

3.  Pepperoni

First had to slice up some peppers and tomatoes.

DSC00097-1      DSC00101-1

Pizza #1. Mine.


Pizza #2. My wife’s.


Pizza #3.  My Kid’s.


I don’t have too much room in my oven so I have to move the pizza’s around as they cook. Usually at 10 minute intervals. Overall takes about 30 minutes.

Oh, oven is at 350.


Once they are done, look out. No leftovers here!  And to my surprise, both my kids loved Happy Gilmore.