This week I decided to play Tourist in my own town.  Yes, I chose to do this during one of the coldest spells in the history of cold.

I tend to do that every few months for a few reasons.  It keeps me in the know if random people ask me questions like where is this, where is that, is this thing cool?

My stay-cation started with Niagara Helicopters.  Been in Niagara for over 40 years and never wanted to take a Helicopter ride.

I must say I was very nervous about this. It has taken me decades to build up that courage.  Got some stellar photos though and after a few minutes my fear subsided and turned into excitement and fun.

It was so cool to see where I grew up from this point of view. Totally recommend it.

After seeing the Falls from that angle I thought I would get right up to the brink and get some more photos.

By this point I was pretty cold. I went home for the day.

24 hours later I was ready to head back.  This time I hit Clifton Hill.  Thought I’d do some street photography as well as take in some of the museums and attractions.

Growing up and working on Clifton Hill I must say it has had some major upgrades over the years.  Its like mini-Vegas.  Maybe Jimmy Fallon should come eh?

The Skywheel is pretty cool.  I have been on it before and on a clear day you can see for miles and miles and miles.

Of course with mini-Vegas comes commercialism and giant corporations.  That is ok though for a place like this.

It also means food and candy.  This store is a like a diabetic’s kryptonite.

IMG_5630-1   IMG_5632-1

From here went to the arcade. Love arcades. But not one pinball machine in sight.  This guy was a beast. Not.


I always lost a lot of money in the drop a quarter in and maybe more will fall machines.

I remember the arcade at the Skylon Tower 30 years ago.  One of the coolest things was the Shoot’em up Saloon. They have a similar thing here.  Shooting selfies.

A few years back on the $1 Days on Clifton Hill I went to Ripley’s and got my hand waxed. They still do that.

IMG_5683-1  IMG_5714-1

IMG_5719-1   IMG_5689-1


No trip down here would be complete without a stop at the Guinness Book of Records. I asked the lady if there was a dedicated area tributing Sweet Pepper and Orbax and she looked quite stunned. I had to show her who they were.  The staff should bone up on their knowledge of iconic natives.

I ended the night at the Crystal Caves. Holy trippy.


I remember when this place used to be the Green Screen recording studio.

Now it is a wild mirror maze adventure.  Try taking a photo without getting more than one of your sexy model. Not going to happen.

I’m hoping as the weather gets nicer I’ll be doing more stay-cation spotlights. Take care and Share!