As you read this take comfort in the fact that you are probably sitting down, warm and dry.  For an hour yesterday, I too was lucky enough to be sitting down but I was far from warm or dry.

Growing up in the Niagara area has always been a blessing when it comes to cool things to do. I grew up on Clifton Hill and spent most of my youth taking advantage of all the attractions and fun things available to do.  Then I went to college; moved out of Niagara and landed in the big city of Toronto. That was 1992.  Coincidentally that was also the year that Whirlpool Jet Boat Tours opened commercially and took people on the wettest, most wildest ride of their lives. Sadly though, I was not one of those people.

Fast forward 25+ years.  Here I am. Warm and dry.  What fun is that?  I felt it was about time that I conquered this attraction and experienced what hundreds of thousands of people have experienced over the years.

Here we go.  We first listened to how to be safe while being covered in thousands of gallons of water.  First and most important rule – stay seated! Remember this one! We will revisit this later.

As we made our way to the dock the most overheard question was, “How wet will we get?”

Before we launched they were nice enough to take a photo of us while we were still dry and looking great!

Prior to launching, one final photo was taken before we took a tour of the Category 5 rapids.

The drive up to the rapids was quite nice. Picturesque and worth getting on the boat in Niagara On The Lake.  They have 2 locations in Canada and by getting on in NOTL you get a nice scenic cruise up the river.

We are now at the point of the post where you get to see the good stuff.  The wet stuff.  The good stuff.

As we enjoy the last moments of dryness our guide counts down……




Remember the stay seated rule?  Reflexes took over.  Breathing at the wrong time could fill you up with river water so be careful and keep your mouth closed.

It was amazeballs!  I have never been so wet.  You don’t get this wet in a shower. You don’t get this wet swimming!

I think we made it!

The cruise back to the dock was equally enjoyable as it gave us a bit of time to dry off.  I most definitely will be back.  This will now be the go-to attraction that I take visiting family to.  We had a great time and totally want to thank the staff at Whirlpool Jet Boat Tours.  They were great.

Lastly I have compiled some of the best footage that I took with my GoPro.  Man, I love that camera.  Enjoy this attraction. Share the video, share this post!