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He took her on a helicopter tour and what happened next will shock you!

Sometimes in my line of work I meet some great people doing some unique things.

This day was no exception.  I was contacted by Niagara Vintage Wine Tours to be a secret photographer on a secret marriage proposal shoot.  The bride to be had no idea!

The location for today’s secret proposal?  The wine cellars at Peller Estates Winery.


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Frozen Niagara

This week I decided to play Tourist in my own town.  Yes, I chose to do this during one of the coldest spells in the history of cold.

I tend to do that every few months for a few reasons.  It keeps me in the know if random people ask me questions like where is this, where is that, is this thing cool?

My stay-cation started with Niagara Helicopters.  Been in Niagara for over 40 years and never wanted to take a Helicopter ride.

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My Friday.

Started the day at the Seaway Mall.  The #blxstore is in full effect. Never has Welland or Niagara seen such a unique venture. A creative local artist group given mall space in prime Holiday season to sell their art and put #localartonlocalwalls .


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For almost 2 years I have been a part of a fantastic artistic movement in the Niagara region. Specifically, in Welland.


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5 Years of #PULPNATION

This Saturday marked the 5th Anniversary for Niagara Falls’ coolest shop, Pulp Comics.

The proprietor of the establishment, Paul, or as he was known on Saturday, Han Burgundy or  Ron Solo, celebrated his 5th year being Niagara’s premiere comic, collectable, fan-merch, and nerdy geek supplier.


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My belly; the entrance to paradise.

When I was asked to join some friends for lunch at Paradiso today, I could not say no.


My wife accidentally ended up there when getting lost going to a funeral with her father. Since then they go back from time to time because they love the food and atmosphere.  I have always been secretly jealous that I have never been invited. So when the opportunity arose, I jumped all over it!

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Wedding bells are ringing….

Had the opportunity to take some photos/video at a friend’s son’s wedding.


Was a gorgeous day, for the most part.  Rain only came after the ceremony.  Right about when it was time to take photographs.  I still managed to get some great video footage and snapped some great photos.

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Illumination Cruise at Niagara Falls – GoPro Footage

I brought my trusty GoPro to the Night Cruise at the Falls the other night.  GoPro is typically not the best with low light situations but i think for what its worth this came out ok.  I would have loved to have gotten closer, I wonder if there is a super up close tour you can get on…hmmmmm.  Now one thing i’ll also add to this story, the video was sped up about 300x.  The boats are pretty slow and it made for a very long video so I had to tweak it a bit.

Make sure you watch it in 1080p HD though!

Awesome Evening Cruise below Niagara Falls

Special thanks to Niagara Cruises for hooking me up with a fantastic evening Falls Illumination Tour.

The view was awesome!  So cool being so close.  My camera gear didn’t like getting wet though so ignore any water spots on the photos lol.

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